Yesterday I broke down thinking about you and me
Thinking about how I was going to set my soul free
Yes you can laugh but my feelings are real
And I guess you never understood, or will understand how I really feel
You keep passing life, like it is without problems
But life comes to them who are ready to solve them
I wanna change the world, you wanna change your life
So for that reason we are battling in diffrent strifes
Who wins? We will not know yet
All I know ist that you are the worst soldier that I have ever meet
The sad thing is that you should be fighting right here by my side
I guess it was my mistake to think that your heart and eyes were that open wide......

(skriven av Linda)

Postat av: Samira

Vad fint skrivet Linda! Personligt och vackert!

2012-06-18 @ 13:20:33
Postat av: BagLady

Underbart skrivet!

2012-06-18 @ 18:49:41
URL: http://crazybaglady.blogg.se/
Postat av: Christine

Du är grym på att skriva dikter gumman! Men det visste vi redan :)


2012-06-19 @ 17:33:04

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